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The Language and Social Interaction Lab is in its third year at Texas Tech. See below for current and past lab members and affiliates.

Molly Ireland (PhD, University of Texas at Austin, '11). Lab director. Originally from near Muscotah, KS. Main research interests include computerized text analysis, fiction, self-talk, HIV, behavioral manifestations of personality, close relationships, and language style matching.

Micah Iserman (BS, University of Arizona, '13). First-year PhD student. Interested in person perception, gender, prejudice, and discourse markers.

John Schumacher (BS, Colorado State University, '12). Third-year PhD student. Works primarily with Roman Taraban. Studies perspective-taking, status, and language style matching with me, and testing effects and recall with Dr. Taraban.

Jani Manring (MS, Texas Tech, '14). Recent Master's student. Studies verbal decline in dementia and Alzheimer's.

Nadeem Dabbakeh (BS, Texas Tech, '16). Junior undergraduate student. Interested in status and power, philosophy of science, and perceptual processes.

Ailis Dooner (Clark Scholar, Texas Tech, '14; Phillips Exeter Academy, '15). Senior high school student. Originally from Carmel, CA. Interested in emotional language, personality, social media, impostor syndrome, and spatial synesthesia.