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I'm originally from northeast Kansas. Here are a few pictures from home, featuring cairns built by my mom and a handsome older rat terrier named Puddy:

Pictures above are all by my mom, Sherry Ireland, a product of K-State's art school.

Here are links to personal websites (and, if not available, LinkedIn pages) for my sister, Kate Ireland, my brother, Aric "Jack" Babson, and my life partner, Tyler Davis. Below are some childhood photos of my brother and sister (from left: me, bunny, Kate, Jack).


Adult siblings: Kate as a bridesmaid, with Mr Easy Czech, and with me a few Xmases ago. Jack on a mountain. More pictures of Jack and his wife Delphine coming soon.


My mom, Sherry Ireland, just opened a yoga studio (see below)! Here is the link to the well-designed homepage of Dragonfly: www.dragonfly-holton.com

My dad, Pat Ireland, does not have a homepage yet, surprisingly! Till he gets one, here's one of his hounds, Scott. He's named after my former UT officemate, social psychologist Scott Liening. Canine Scott is a little shy, so he was very briefly tied in the corner for hug therapy and photos.

And here are some pictures of Tyler Davis, renowned cognitive neuroscientist. Here he's crossing a log over dangerous rapids in McCormick's Creek near Spencer, Indiana:

Tyler also loves herring (in Utrecht a few years ago):

My angel cats: Aoife is the one wearing a tuxedo, and Inara is the tabby.


This summer, about 2 weeks after moving to Lubbock, we welcomed the prettiest and most sturdily built black lab in Texas into our home: Virginia "Prowler" Davis. She's almost 2 years old now (probably born early December, 2012). Here she is hunting scorpions in our backyard and looking pensive with a ball:

And in January we added a precious little Swedish Vallhund demon named Gondul (registered as Minikota's Last Unicorn). Here she is as a puppy:

And here she is at our first ever dog show in Roswell, NM this September (best of breed twice!):

Here's an example of an author that I like: Willy Ley has written some nice books about cryptids and other more mainstream animals. His wife, Olga Ley, provides illustrations, such as these from Exotic Zoology:

When there's time, I also enjoy day hiking, playing pool, playing/training with dogs and cats of course, reading fiction, and traveling around the Southwest to small towns such as Freer:

I am an avid fan of strong female role models Dana Scully, Buffy Summers, and Veronica Mars. If you'd like to see several thousand X-Files screen captures such as the beauty below, go to www.chrisnu.com.